Buddha Lounge

The Original Milwaukee Buddha Lounge

The second-floor Buddha Lounge was carefully designed in 2005 to be a pleasant space for dining or for general entertainment. It was also created to be a space large enough to accommodate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, professional dinners, private parties and special events.

For large events we offer our uniquely stylish Buddha Lounge is equipped to entertain up to 150 people.  Located on the second floor with a view of Milwaukee Street, it offers a private bar and restrooms.  Its full 3500 watt D.J. booth make it the ideal place to dance the night away with 100 or so of your closest friends.  Our in-house audio visual equipment enable you to hold a business meeting in a relaxed yet posh environment, sure to impress colleagues and clients alike.  For a more relaxed gathering, its luxurious lounge area and contemporary art create an atmosphere of unabashed tranquility perfect for quiet conversation.  Regardless of the large scale event you would like to put on, the original Milwaukee Buddha lounge is the perfect libation destination.


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